Free Fire Pro Player ID + Unlimited Diamonds, Free fire Pro Player Facebook ID & Password

Free Fire Pro Player ID + Unlimited Diamonds

If you are looking for a free fire player facebook id and password then this article is for you, in this article we have found this little free fire player pro id by taking into account information that is a little old.

Having a pro id is very important in free fire, in the pro id of free fire we get to see a lot of skins, gun skins, and costumes, along with that you also get diamonds in this free id. You can unlock more characters, emotes, gun skins, outfits, and pets, you just need to login into the account with this free fire facebook id and password and you will get your free pro and legend players account.

Note: This article is for education only, we have nothing to do with any id or password.

If you play with free fire you will get one it will look like a pro player you can use this free fire id and password 2022 in the free fire max game you will see unlimited diamonds in this free fire id. You will need to log them into your game. And you will get this free pro player account from this id and password, so let's start free fire pro player id and password 2022 today.

Free Fire Pro Player Facebook ID & Password 2022

Here is the list of Free Fire Pro Player ID with Unlimited diamonds 2022

Free fire Facebook Ids












Note: This id and password are just for testing and will be removed in a few days. Login as soon as possible and visit all the FF items you need in your main Free Fire account.

Free Fire Pro Player ID + Unlimited Diamonds

Free Fire Pro Player ID + Unlimited Diamonds

  • ID – 098567489 PASSWORD – MUNCH223
  • ID – 354678765 PASSWORD – KADBURY778
  • ID – 768908784 PASSWORD – FFBOT445
  • ID – 768987678 PASSWORD – BOT884NOOB
  • ID – 657467859 PASSWORD – KILLENOOB
  • ID – 345237844 PASSWORD – PROFROMTOP
  • ID – 775687638 PASSWORD – GOODFFKID
  • ID – 453243517 PASSWORD – CUTEPIE
  • ID – 768900985 PASSWORD – PROFFNOOB
  • ID – 678909845 PASSWORD – SHOOTER22
  • ID – 788909456 PASSWORD – SNIPERPRO
  • ID – 768906783 PASSWORD – KAR98LOVER
  • ID – 890980768 PASSWORD – SCARPRO
  • ID – 123234432 PASSWORD – AWMPRO
These were the IDs of Free Fire, using which you can play with these IDs of Free Fire, to log in to your Free ID and Password of Free Fire, you have to open your Free Fire Game and you have to use this ID If you want to log in to those accounts with Passwords, then you can play this for free using the Facebook ID and Passwords of Free Fire with the ID of Pro Players.


So, In today's post, I have shared the Free Fire Pro Player ID 2022. If you have any issues while installing the Free Fire Pro Player ID, comment below.

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