Call Back Free Fire:How to call back in Free Fire 2022

Call Back Free Fire in Garena's Battle Royale is a significant event, as it gives players a chance to receive a box that can contain up to 19,999 diamonds, as well as other cosmetic items that can be won in the box after calling an inactive account. Back to the game.

To help players, the Free Fire Mania website brings incredible news to speed up the process, as it is possible to include IDs in the tool below so that users can help each other.

How to call back in Free Fire 2022

Initially, to call back on Free Fire, players must disclose their ID in the tool below, so other people can help them by clicking on your link, the ID will be saved in the "News" file on the site and millions of users will have access.

Your ID:


call friend

Added in:


call friend

2 seconds ago


call friend

3 seconds ago


call friend

7 seconds ago


call friend

10 seconds ago


call friend

11 seconds ago

Overall, the Call Back Free Fire event aims to make players invite friends who have not logged into Garena's Battle Royale for 7 days or more. Although those invited players also receive free rewards.

As users invite players, it is possible to observe goals and rewards on the event screen. Often, boxes with diamonds are delivered when you manage to invite friends back.

Learn how to use the tool and call friends back Free Fire

In any case, using the Call Friends Back Free Fire tool is very simple, so users should follow the steps below:

  • They must enter the ID in the text field to be disclosed in the tool;
  • Then they must choose a link from the list to click and help other users;
  • Finally, if you want to repeat the process, just refresh the page;

In addition, players also earn rewards for helping friends, so clicking on one of the links in the list above is critical to securing all event rewards.

As a result, including the ID in the "Call Back Free Fire" tool will cause the player to be helped by thousands of other players. In other words, the more times the numbers are released, the faster the event will be completed. It is worth mentioning that the IDs must be part of accounts with at least 15 days of existence.

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