How To Get Free Name Change Card In Free Fire?

Most players in Freefire have to spend 399 diamonds to change their name. This is not easy for everyone because diamonds are bought with real money. This problem is solved with the name change card. In this popular Battle Royale game, gamers can change their name by spending a small amount of diamonds. However, for this, they need to have a name change card. This article will tell you How To Get a Free Name Change Card In Free Fire?

How To Get a Free Name Change Card In Free Fire?

The cards were first given away for free during a regional battle event. The event has not been held in the sport for the past few months. So the only way for players to get a name change card is by exchanging 39 Diamond and 200 Guild tokens. But you can get a Name Change Card for free by using the information given below.


Many Instagram pages and YouTube channels host regular gifts. Anyone can participate in these gifts and get free diamonds without the need for any hacks or top-ups. And from those diamonds, you can get a free name change card.

Custom Room

Custom Room on YouTube is a great option that allows users to earn free game currency. Many channels host custom rooms every day on the YouTube channel that anyone can join and you can get rid of that currency. And with that currency, you can get a free name change card.


BOOYAH is a specially designed app for watching the free-fire live streams and short videos of gaming. You can also watch short games like YouTube Shorts and Instagram Reels. Content created for upload and sharing by free Fire users like us. You can go live to stream your videos on popular streaming platforms.

Using this app, you will get real-time updates of different live streams. As I mentioned before, Livestream can be a great source for free fire diamonds. And in the event of BOOYAH, you can get Free Name Change Card

How to get Name Change Card in Garena Free Fire

Free Fire will require 390 diamonds to change the name and 390 diamonds are too many so many free fire players cannot change the name in Free Fire.

But a few months ago, the exchange of 39 Diamond + 200 Guild tokens for name change card started in Freefire and now it has become very cheap, so anyone can change their name in Freefire by giving 39 Diamond + 200 Guild Token.
  • First of all, open the free fire game on your device.
  • Go to the store in free fire and click on the exchange option.
  • Players will then have to choose between a guild token or 39 diamonds.
  • Select Rename Card and click on the Exchange button.
  • A dialog box will then open asking you for confirmation.
  • Now you will get a name change card in exchange for diamonds and tokens.

How to change the name in free fire

  • After opening the game, click on the profile banner to access your profile.
  • Or you can also click on the icon given next to your name.
  • After this, the name change pop-up will open.
  • There, you enter the name of your choice.
  • Now click on the option given for the Name Change Card.
  • By doing this, your name will be changed by using the card.
So, This is All About How To Get a Free Name Change Card In Free Fire.  IF You like this article or have any Doubts Please let Us Know in Comment Section. Thank You.

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