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 This article is Gamexpro You will find complete information about Gamexpro in this article here. Gamexpro  Real Name, Age, BGMI ID, Country, Photo, Live, Phone Number, ID Number, Income, Net Worth, and more.

Gamexpro is an Indian YouTuber and a Content Creator. He is Popularly known for Making Videos, he is a professional Esports Athlete, YouTuber, and Gamer.

Gamexpro Biography 

Real Name

Ravi Rawat

GameXpro Age 



YouTuber, Gamer, BGMI Content Creator

Date of Birth


Birth Place

Uttarakhand, India

Famous For

BGMI India/PUBG Mobile India


Playing Mobile Games

GameXpro BGMI ID


In-Game Name

B lac Legit

Monthly Income

 2.9K - 66.1K

Who is Gamexpro 

GameXpro's real name is Ravi Rawat, a native of Uttarakhand, India. He is a professional gamer, YouTuber, and BGMI's content creator. GameXpro has over 4 million subscribers to its YouTube channel. 

But he uploads gameplay videos on his channel, Battlegrounds Mobile India game tips videos, his BGMI gameplay videos are very popular, his videos get millions of views, his gameplay videos are loved by many.

He is BGMI's B Lac Clan leader and he plays for B Lac Clan, He plays on BGMI Ipad and also records his gameplay on iPad, his gameplay on iPad is very good, this was information about GameXpro.

Gamexpro  Net worth

GameXpro has an estimated net worth of 100k. And the same monthly income is $ 2.9K - 66.1K, The bulk of its revenue comes from YouTube advertising. Being a popular gaming creator, he also got various brand endorsements which helped him to earn good money.

Gamexpro BGMI ID 

Gamexpro Bgmi ID number is 5397003232 and his Bgmi Name is B乛LaC丨Łegit.

GameXpro Popular Video

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