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krafton, the company behind the development of one of the most played Battle Royale games called Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI aka PUBG Mobile). The new BGMI season update introduces new weapons and features. This means players will have the opportunity to purchase a Royal Pass to complete the campaign and win prizes in the game. So let's see what the BGMI royal pass price will be.

BGMI royal pass price

Gamers will have to pay some UC for the Royal Pass. This will require the cost of UC, which is an in-game currency. According to rumors, the price of the Elite Royal Pass for the BGMI M5 Royal Pass will be approximately 360 UC. The Elite Plus Royal Pass will set you back around 960 UC. For those who don't know, Battle Royal Pass includes a variety of prizes, skins, and other items.

BGMI M5 Royale Pass Items

With each Royale Pass in the game, developers bring new prizes such as costumes, weapons, cosmetics, and more. This time, they are ready to present another exciting award and item with the upcoming Royale Pass Season 5.

The BGMI M5 Royale Pass will have two different levels - Free Tier and Elite Tier. The free-range will be available to all players and no in-game purchases are required. However, Elite Tier will only be available to players who purchase at UC expense. Players will have to spend 960 UC to get the Elite Royal Pass items.

Elite Tier Rewards

  • Lethal Creepstar Set
  • Lethal Creepstar Cover
  • Guardian skin for MK47
  • Hextech Crystal Backpack
  • Hextech Ornament
  • Strange Wave Emote
  • Crooked Flush Machete Skin

Free Tier Rewards

  • Polymath outfit 
  • Unyielding land finish 
  • Vanguard emote 
  • Ancient statue s686 skin
  • Guardian Kar-98 Gunskin
  • Vanguard cover
  • Vanguard suit

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