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 In this article, I will tell you about Alpha Clasher a professional gamer, and popular Youtube content creator, and famous bgmi player Alpha Clasher a popular BGMI player in India. Here, I am going to share Alpha Clasher BGMI / PUBG ID Number, face, age, sensitivity, real name account, and more.

Who Is Alpha Clasher

Alpha Clasher's name is Pratik Jogiya, he hails from Mumbai, his Fun Gameplay people are very fond of him, he started his gaming with Clash Royal Game, so he kept his name Alpha Casher but after coming to Pubg Mobile, he started Pubg Started Mobile's Stream and He Streams Regular Pubg Mobile, He Streams 2 Times In The Day, Fun Classic Gameplay At 3 PM And Elite Customs At 8 PM And He Streams Regular Videos Also On His Vlogging Channel Every Sunday and Wednesday at 9 in the morning, 

He uploads his Vlog on his Vlogging channel, the names of his close friends are Dynamo, BTS, Ayush, Python, and Nucleya, he is the Co-Leader of Hydra Official Clan Alpha Clasher has done a lot of small Small creators have been promoted so that they can also pursue gaming in the future, they always try to show some new content to the people every day, that day, I practice on Stream for 6 hours and 2 hours on mobile, that's about 8 hours a day. Gaming for 9 hours.

Hydra Alpha Short Biography



Real Name

Pratik jogiya

Date of Birth



Mumbai, India


eSports Player & YouTuber



Net Worth


Bgmi ID Number


Bgmi Name


Pubg Partner




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Alpha Clasher BGMI ID

BGMI ID Number


Clan Name



HYDRA | Alpha

Account Level



iPhone & One Plus

Alpha Clasher Clan Name is HYDRA and his BGMI ID Number is 569808986, He has more than 1.6 million YouTube Subscribers.

Alpha Clasher net worth

Alpha Clasher has a net worth of about 1.22 million, according to Networthspot. Although the actual net wealth of the alpha clasher is not known. Alpha Clasher has a net worth of $ 1.22 million, according to the highly regarded Net Worth Spot, however, the actual net worth of Alpha Clasher is unverified.

Alpha Clasher Monthly Income 

According to noxinfluence, Hydra Alpha Clasher's monthly YouTube earnings are between $ 323 - $ 863. and Each Video is $ 139.75, Meanwhile, his expected annual income ranges from $100.4K to $1.22M.

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