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In this post, guys will read complete information about FireEye's Gaming name, Age, Girlfriends, Facts, Relationships, Family, and lifestyle of FireEyes Gaming. Pratham Shaw, aka FireEyes Gaming, is an Indian free fire content manufacturer. and FireEye Gaming has accumulated 260k members and 36.8 million views in the last 28 days. and Here's an overview of FireEye's gaming-free Fire ID, statistics, and more.

His rise to prominence has instantaneous, as his first upload was a year ago, and his gameplay videos made him famous. In such a short period, it has gained 36.8M subscribers to its channel. He is known for the reactions, flow, and fun moments of his gameplay. and Along with YouTube, he has 20.8k followers on his Instagram account. He is very skilled and entertains his fans by flowing uniquely.

He uploads amazing gameplay videos of Free Fire on his YouTube channel. FireEyes Gaming has defeated a lot of popular Free fire players in 1 Vs 1. FireEyes Gaming has seen them playing games with many Free Fire players. Videos of his Free Fire are very amazing, whenever he uploads videos of Free Fire Gameplay on his channel, millions of people watch him along with him, FireEyes Gaming also uploads short videos of YouTube on his channel, this was FireEyes Gaming. Information about.

Personal Profile

Real Name


Famous Name

FireEyes Gaming

Date of Birth (Birthday)

In the Year 2003





Place of Birth


In-Game Name 

FG Pratham

Monthly Income

3 lakh to 4 Lakh


Playing Mobile Games and Free Fire

YT Subscribers

3.7 Million

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What is FireEyes Gaming’s Free Fire ID and stats?

Lifetime stats 


FireEyes Gaming has played 16,729 matches in the team and has a win percentage of 21,59% at 3,613. With 53374 fragments, it maintains a kill-to-death ratio of 4.07. In addition, the content creator has played 968 singles matches and completed exactly 100 first place, which comes down to a victory ratio of 10.33%. He has achieved 2570 kilos in this mode for a K / D ratio of 2.96. and he has outscored his enemies in 253 doubles games out of 1645, with a winning rate of 15.37%. In the process, he has done 4479 kill ups with a K / D ratio of 3.22.

Ranked stats

At the time of writing, Pratham's channel has over 255 videos, the most-watched of which had 15 million views. According to Social Blade, he has 110 thousand subscribers and 23.668 million views in the last 30 days. In the current ranking season, FireEyes Gaming has featured in 264 squad games and has topped 25 occasions, with a winning rate of 9.46%. He has 739 kills to his name with a K / D ratio of 3.09.

FireEyes Gaming Free fire UID

His Free Fire UID is 435180912.

FireEyes Gaming  Net worth

According to, FireEyes Gaming's monthly YouTube earnings are between 3.07K - $ 8.2K. and each video income  3.36K.  Meanwhile, his expected annual income ranges from $110.4K to $1.8M.  

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